Viking Wood Carving

Caricatures and Santas

Caricatures are my way of expressing humor and fun. Because each one is hand-carved there will be variations with each piece.

All of these carvings are made from basswood and are painted with oil and/or acrylic paints.

Adirondack Santa and Bear

Pattern by Rick Butz

Alpine St. Niklaus

Pattern by Rick Butz

Arizona Stick Santa Ornaments

Arizona Stick Santa from Woodcarving Illustrated Holiday 2010 magazine Issue 53

Pattern by Dave Stetson

Caber Tosser

Highland Heavy Games Caber Tosser, wearing a black watch tartan. He's painted with acrylics.

The Craftsman

My own pattern, based on a 1" pewter figure belonging to my father.

Father Christmas

This Father Christmas is based on the book "Father Christmas" by Raymond Briggs. It it he is an angry, disgruntled, tired old elf, who isn't ready for Christmas Eve yet.

Gandalf the Gray

This is my own pattern. I got the idea from the Fellowship of the Ring movie.


Based on a pattern by Rick Butz.

Norwegian Gnome (Nisse)

Pattern by Ross Oar

Santa with Candle

Pattern by Don Dearolf

Swiss St. Nicholas

Pattern by Rick Butz


Thor is made of basswood and painted with acrylics.